„Box“ робот 2 за състезания ЛЕГО Mindstorms

Инструкции за построяването на състезателен робот на принципа на “Box” робота. Този робот е построен с ЛЕГО Mindstorms EV3 и може да се използва на състезания като FLL и WRO.

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In order to build the full construction, you'll have to subscribe to FLLCasts.

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  • 07 Nov 2016

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Bill of materials (Parts list)

Improving FLL Robot Game. Task. Leave the Gecko

Think of an attachment that leaves the Gecko on the mission model. Don't use the robot attachment that we already have. Just the box robot and the gecko. Nothing should support the Gecko when it is hanged on the mission model. 

Improving FLL Robot Game. Tasks. Find the number of needed motor rotations.

Connect the attachment to the box robot and find the correct number of rotations of the middle motor that would bring the robot up and forward and would attach it to the mission model.

Improving FLL Robot Game. Teacher's Note. Correct solution on calculating gears.

This is a teacher's note about the math behind calculating gear ratios with for our lifting attachment. It math model we build in previous tutorials is not exactly correct and here is the explanation why.

Box Robot Two. With fewer parts and only one motor.

Here we start with a second box robot that we would like to build. It is in a way improvement to the first robot and we would take a look at its features. 

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