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VEX Ball Thrower With Rubber Bands

Building instructions for a VEX IQ attachment for throwing balls with rubber bands.

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  • 13 Apr 2017

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VEX IQ. Extending a lever length for a harder hit on a ball when throwing it

The length of the lever has a certain effect when hitting the ball. In this tutorial, I would like to discuss what it's the effect. 

VEX IQ. System of gears when throwing a ball with levers

The topic of this tutorial is the purpose of a system of gears when throwing a ball.

VEX IQ. Synchronizing levers movement with Gears moving in opposite directions

How do you synchronise the two levers to move with the same speed, but in opposite directions? 

VEX IQ. Throwing a ball by punching it with two levers

In this tutorial we go through the VEX IQ Challenge. Most of the challenges are related with manipulating objects. The most common object used in competitions are balls. That is why we take a look at a simple mechanism that can be used for throwing a ball.