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FLL 2017: Attachment For Accomplishing The Slingshot (17th) Mission

These are building instructions for an attachment accomplishing the FIRST LEGO League 2017-2018 Slingshot mission. The based of the robot is LEGO Box Robot Three With Large Wheels and Thee light sensors and one Gyro

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  • 01 May 2018

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FLL 2017: How to accomplish Hydrodynamics Fountain (07th), Faucet (18) and Slingshot (17th)

The after season review continues. No. We are not publishing a single solution for the next season before it is over, but let's learn from the previous season. The current tutorial is about three missions at once on a single run with the robot. Most FIRST LEGO League teams try to accomplish one-two missions on a single run out of the base, and three is really what makes the difference

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