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Simple line following with 2 light/color sensors

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  • 11 Jan 2015

How to follow a line with two light/color sensors (revised for EV3)

This video lesson is a revised version of Episode #1. Matt Gipson requested it in a comment. Using the EV3-G software we have developed a very simple program for following a line with two LEGO MINDSTORMS color/light sensors.

Correct position of motors on BigDaddy Competition Robot (Part 8)

This third way of positioning the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 motors on the robot seems to be the most productive with the most advantages. We have named it "correct", but we completely understand there might be other even more efficient ways to position the motors on the robot.

Курсове и занятия включващи този Програма

Този Програма е използван в следните курсове и занятия.

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