What is Level 3 from "FLLCasts Certified VEX IQ Robot Driver - Class R1"

For Level 3 you need to slalom along the field. Start on the border of the field move forward until the first obstacle. Turn after it, continue forward, then turn around the second obstacle, continue forward and turn around the last obstacle. Again continue forward, turn around the second obstacle, continue straight around the first obstacle and sprint towards the finish line at the border of the field.

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  • 19 Mar 2019
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To be eligible for certification you need to pass the level in less than 20 seconds.


The current* leaderboard is as follows:

  1. Michail - 16.713 s
  2. Stefan - 16.876 s
  3. Kiril - 16.920 s
  4. Ivan - 17.228 s
  5. Nikolay - 17.517 s

*The standing is as of 2019-04-03 (refreshed every few days).