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Computer Requirements for the first module of the perfect STEM course

To successfully participate in the course you would need a computer. Here are the requirements for this computer.

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  • 01 Feb 2018

Personal Computer Hardware Requirements

At least  2 GB RAM and i3, i5 or equivalent processor. You need to be able to read/write SD cards. So you need an external adapter if your computer does not support SD cards.

Personal Computer Software Requirements

Windows, iOS, Linux. Doesn't matter. We would be using Linux, and Windows and iOS for different tutorials, but mostly Linux when demonstrating because we would like to teach you how to use Linux, and generally because in the field of technical science you would have to use it. But you can use any operating system. 

Can you use tablets?

Technically it is possible, but the amount of work that you would have to do is... tremendous. You have to set up SSH, Python, Mobile Apps Development. Tablets are generally closed and not very smart devices designed for consuming information, not designed for creating. 


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