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Box Robot for Robotics Competitions. Introduction

It's a box! It's a robot! It's a box robot.  Box robots are very popular on different robotics competitions involving LEGO Mindstorms like the FIRST LEGO League or World Robotics Olympiad. Let's start with a brief introduction and continue in the next videos with explanation on the features of the robot and why such robots are frequently used.
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  • 22 Aug 2016
  • 1:16
We have provided the building instructions for this robot as part of the whole course  Box Robots for competition (this will require a course subscription)  

Box Robot Building Instructions. Part 1

The first part of a box robot chassis for robotics competitions. The robot is quite large and this is why we split it into two parts - to make it easier to construct it. This is the second part

The robot is built with LEGO Mindstorms EV3, with an additional part for the walls used in the second part. 

Box Robot Building Instructions. Part 2

Second part of the building instructions for this LEGO Mindstorms EV3 competition robot chassis


One of the very popular types of robots during competitions like the First Lego League or the World Robotics Olympiad or other competitions that involve Lego Mindstorms robots are robots that look like a box. And we can call them box robots. And they basically look like this. So, in this course we present one robot that looks like a box. We also provide the building instructions and we stop on some of the interesting features of this robots. This is our design and in the course we'll look at things like the accessibility of the brick how we can charge, the cable management, how we add different attachments, how are the different motors positioned and the sensors, how can we add pinless attachments like this in a very fast way. So, this is the goal of this course. To present this box robot, to give you an opportunity to construct it and to also see some of the interesting feastures that you should be aware of. So, let's start with the box robot.