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Box Robot Two. Align to walls with the robot Pro Preview

One of the very good things about box robots is that you could easily align with them both to the front, to the back or to the rear sides. This aligning is helpful for FIRST LEGO League, World Robotics Olympiad or other robotics competitions with LEGO Mindstorms EV3/NXT robots. 

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  • 27 Nov 2016
  • 1:23

We have provided the building instructions for this robot as part of the whole course 

Box Robot Two. Fewer parts and one motor. Simplifying a robot. (this will require a course subscription)


Next, let's stop at aligning. How do we align to different walls with this robot?

As you can see it's a Box Robot and it has almost the shape of a square and it's very easy when you move back for example to align to a wall. It's very easy when you move also forward to align to the wall that's on the left of you. And it's even easy to align when you have the wall at the front of the robot. What you can see is that we have this beam here this white beam and you need this beam if you are to align to walls that are in front of the robot. Because if you don't have this beam what will happen is that you have this wheel here and as you can see on the camera this wheel is at the front part of the robot and it will be the first thing that will touch the wall. And from then on you can have small differences when aligning. So, this wheel is not suitable for aligning. This is why we add this beam. And in this way you can just align to the wall using the beam.