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Arudino Basic Course. What parts do you need

It is a hardware/software related course. You need a set with parts. And you need a number of sets for a class of students. You can buy the set from us, from other vendors, from online retailers. It doesn`t matter actually as long as you have the needed parts for the course. We have tried to create a very lean set, but if you can afford to buy additional parts you could create more complex and probably more interesting devices. 

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  • 15 Nov 2016
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This are the parts that need to be bought:

Main set:

Arduino Uno controller, USB cable, Breadboard 840 pin holes, Jumnpers - 140pcs, Resistors - 220‎Ω - 10pcs, Resistors - 10k‎Ω - 10pcs, LEDs - Red - 2pcs, LEDs - Wellow - 2pcs, LEDs - Green - 2pcs, Buttons 6х6 - 3pcs

Expansion Set:

Buzzer, Speaker, Potentiometer - 3pcs, Photo resistor - LDR, RGB sensor - TCS34725, Infrared sensor - GP2Y0A21YK (10 - 80 см), Ultrasonic sensor - Maxbotix LV-EZ2, Relay, Motor, Motor driver



In this course you'll need a set with which you can work. We've created a very lean set that includes just the minimum number of parts. Just enough to get you started. As everything hardware related, of course the more parts you have the more different and probably even larger projects you would be able to make with this set. You can buy the set from us. We've listed it below the video. You can buy it from other places. It doesn't matter. These are all standard components. Below the video we'll include a list of the components that we use in this course and you can decide if you have previously bought different sets whether you have the parts or you can just order them from different stores. Again, all the links are below the video.