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Arduino Basic Course. Blinking diode working as a result of the module Pro Preview

Why: It's an easy and fun example to introduce you to Arduino

How: Presenting questions and trying answer this questions. Experimenting with different tasks.

What: We would like to show you how to control a diode. We would build a device and write programs for this device.

End Result: A blinking diode

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  • 15 Nov 2016
  • 1:17

The problem seems difficult at first, but let's divide it on three more simpler challenges:

  1. First unpack the set to find your elements- learn the names of some of them and find the elements that you need for the blinking diode.
  2. Constructe the device - it takes no more than five seconds.
  3. Download a program to the device - we would have to work with the computer, download some software do a few click on this software and as a result the program will make the diode blink.


With this video we start with the first program and device that you'll build with Arduino. It's a very simple blinking diode. Very easy to do and it's actually a classical example. We are doing it because it is an easy and very fun example to introduce you to Arduino.

In the videos to come we'll present you with questions and then we'll try to answer these questions. After answering we can do a few experiments because this is where the creativity happens. You would learn how to control the diode. We'll build a device and try programs for this device. As an end result we have the blinking diode. There are three things that we need to do. First, we need to unpack the set and make sure that you have all the elements that you need. Then we construct the device. And finally we implement and upload a program to this device that makes the diode blink.