EV3 Phi. Teacher Notes. Organizing the course with students - fundamental rules Pro Preview

There are some fundamental rules that we imagine you would follow while organizing this course with students. Let's look at some of them.

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  • 06 Jan 2017
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Get to know one another

If the group has new members, make sure everyone introduces himself. Most common things to share are: name, age, school, favourite sports, after-class activities.

The teacher should start and demonstrate with a short introduction about himself similar to the expected introduction from a student.

Keep stories related

Students should also share a story or achievement about a thing no one has done, but related to science or school. Otherwise, kids would start sharing inappropriate stories. Cutting inappropriate story and leading to better one would help the teacher gain authority.


There are a couple of things very important things you as an instructor should know when starting this course for robotics and the way you do the course with a group of students. So let's stop at some of them and you can read more about them in the description below.

The first and probably most important thing is to break the ice in the group. It's very important for the students to know each other, to know their names. It is also very important for you to know their names, their age, something interesting about the student. So we've prepared a list with a number of ice breaking games. Games that you can use. Of course you can think of other games that you from your experience know that work. But it's very important to first break the ice in the group.