EV3 Phi. Teacher Notes. Set course behavior expectations to the students Pro Preview

When organizing this course the behaviour expectations should be set at the very beginning of the course.

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  • 09 Jan 2017
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Our expectations from students participating in the course

Here are some of our expectations that we share with our students in classes:

  • students should take the initiative and ask questions;
  • students mark solved tasks themselves;
  • students are free to experiment with the robots;
  • students work in pairs and as a team and share the work evenly and fairly;
  • students read lessons and watch videos before they come to class;

All these and other expectations must be made clear in the very first lesson with a group. A teacher might need to remind them regularly, when a student does not behave as expected.


The second most important thing when starting this course with a group of students is to set the expectations from the students and from you. And the way this course is structured is that it depends on the fact the students are working asking questions, that they take the initiative, they mark their tasks, that they try to experiment, they show you the program. So this is a whole process and you should discuss this further with the students. What do you expect them as you are doing the course. And these expectations should be set at the beginning. It's very very important.

A few examples for the expectations. We in the groups expect the students to ask questions. We expect them to work as a team. And we expect them to know that they must read and get familiar with the class before they come to class. And there are just 3 examples of some of the expectations that we set to the students. You might also have other expectations and try to make them clear at the beginning of the course.