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EV3 Phi. Task - move a specific distance forward

Move 50cm (20 inches) forward with the robot.

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  • 04 Feb 2017
  • 0:59

Your first program

There must be marked starting line on the floor. Measure and mark second line 50cm (20 inches) away from the first line.

Do several attempts with your robot in order to adjust the distance that it travels.

The idea is to experiment with the software. After you have experimented, we will show you our approach to the task.



Let's set the next task for the robot. Mark the starting position of the robot with an electrical tape or with some kind of a pencil or if you're on the floor just mark the starting position. And try to make the robot move exactly 50 cm if you are in a metric system. Or 20 in if you're in an imperial system. So, try to make the robot move exactly this distance. Take a measuring tape and measure it. So that you know the exact distance. Experiment with the block, run a few programs, try the different options in the software and make the robot move exactly 50 cm. Which is something like this. So, from here to here.