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EV3 Phi. Task - bring water with the robot from a dispenser to a person

Try to solve the challenge of this module and observe the cup.

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  • 09 Apr 2017
  • 0:55

Makeshift Cup

Create a makeshift glass out of Legos and put it on the robot. Use three Square frames and two beams with 5 holes,
The robot has to bring it from the water source (a dispenser maybe, or the fridge) to the person, without the glass falling off or spilling.


Your first task is to construct this cup of water and then to bring this cup of water from a water source like a dispenser the robot is here place it on the robot and move with this cup without the cup falling from the robot. That's our main task. Try to construct this cup, place the cup over the robot like this and try to bring the cup of water to about 15 cm or a meter or 3 ft. And try to bring it without the cup falling.