Tetrix Gamepads. Simple program for moving the robot with the gamepads Pro Preview

In this tutorial, we would build a simple program for controlling the Tetrix robot motors with the GamePads. We use the stick and when the stick is pushed forward the motors move forward. When it is pushed backwards the robot moves backwards. 

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  • 15 Apr 2017
  • 14:23

The phones are connected

For this tutorial, I would assume that the phones are already connected to each other. If you have any problem connecting them then write us in the comments section and we would try to help you.

Control with the stick

The program that we are developing controls the motors. If you push or pull the stick this will rotate the wheels. If you slightly push or pull the stick than this will slightly rotate the wheels. We are directly setting the power of the motors based on the push/pull of the stick.