Tetrix Gamepads. Distance Sensor for a calm control of the robot Arm Pro Preview

By using the GamePad to control the arm with could lift it and return it back. The main problem with controlling the arm is that if you just use the motors you would hit the robot, bend the axles and breaks the gear wheels. We would use the distance sensor to make the arm move without hitting the robot.

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  • 02 May 2017
  • 11:36

Bent axle

Here is how the axle looks like when it bends.

This happens because the force applied by the gear mechanism on the arm is too large and when the arm is at the lowest position it would force the axle to bend.

Optical Distance Sensor

We place the optical distance sensor on the arm. When the arm is lowered the sensor detects the distance between the arm and the robot and from there we could control the speed with which the arm lowers. 

Values of the Optical Distance Sensor

Without much details, when the distance sensor is close to the object it returns a value close to 1. When it is raw away it returns a value close to 0.

Simple Calm Op Mode for the FTC Tetrix Push Bot Robot Arm

When lowering the arm it is important not to hit the robot. This is a simple program for controlling the speed of lowering the arm. It uses the distance sensor.