VEX IQ Crossover. Two hex balls with an extended attachment. Part 1 Pro Preview

In this robotics tutorial, we present a solution to extending a VEX IQ attachment to handle two hex balls at a time

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  • 06 Jun 2017
  • 6:19

Make two sides grabbing mechanism 

With the use of a number of gears, pulleys and belts we can control the two sides of the attachment to come together and grab a VEX hex ball or to move away from each other and release a hex ball. The system of gears, pulleys and belts is controlled by a motor.

To achieve the movement of one of the sides we need two wheels. The two wheels should move in sync. This mechanism is very interesting and important. Check out the video on how exactly it works. 

The construction of one side of the VEX attachment is replicated.