Tetrix FTC. Modify the PushBot to collect balls Pro Preview

There are modifications that you must do on the FTC PushBot robot. Let's discuss them

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  • 08 May 2017
  • 3:35

Remove the arm

On the original robot, you have an arm and we've removed this arm to free some space for the controller and for the rotating plate. When removing the arm try to keep the pieces together. 

Change the directions of the robot

We've changed the direction - what was previously considered the front of the robot is now considered the back of the robot.

Move the controllers

The controllers are on the back to free space for collecting. With the controllers, we removed the C-sections from he front and increase the volume. 

Improved the phone holder

We modified it slightly to hold the phone more easily.

FTC PushBot Modified Robot for Collecting Balls with Plastic Plate

These are buliding instructions for the FTC robot and collecting attachments with it. We are doing small modifications of the push bot