Building an example program using calibrated value for Light/Color EV3 Sensor Pro Preview

Many times we just upload blocks and leave it up to you to use it. In this tutorial, I would like to show you how to use the implemented blocks. How to import them into the EV3-G software. How to see them in the palette. How to drag and drop them to build a working program. 

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  • 04 Oct 2017
  • 5:21

Importing blocks

The settings icon is in the upper left.

Go to Settings->Programs->Import.

Select the file with the blocks and click Open. 

This will import three blocks in your program. 

  • InitArray -> for initializing the arrays
  • CalibrateMinMax -> for finding the min and max values detected by each sensor
  • GetCalibratedValue -> for returning the calibrated value based on min and max

Using the imported blocks

The blocks are available in the MyBlocks palette and you can directly use them. 

Blocks Package for Advanced Calibration of LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Color/Light sensors

This package contains the three blocks used in the advanced calibration section of the FLL course.

The blocks contained are:

  • InitiArray block
  • CalibrateMinMax
  • GetCalibrateValue