Quick Pinless Attachments for LEGO EV3 Competition Robots (Part 2)

If you think that the quick pinless attachments shown in video 63 are quick enough, see this tutorial and you will find out that the quick pinless attachments could be even quicker. These attachments can work without motors but by using the inertia forces.

  • #64
  • 07 Dec 2014
  • 8:11

This tutorial shows the logic of creating quick pinless attachments which do not have any moving parts. This facilitates their placement and is the key to the quicker change of attachments on the LEGO Mindstorms robot construction.

There is a short description of how the attachments work; how the inertia forces affect the robot parts and what causes these inertia forces. The tutorial once again focuses on the building process of the quick pinless construction base, the attachment and the adaptor.

Try to use this type of quick pinless attachments and see how many new opportunities it will give you. Share with us your comments and ideas.

Instructions for building the quick attachments for this LEGO robot are given below.

Quick Pinless EV3 Attachment

The attachment shows how to do build a pinless robot attachment with LEGO EV3 Mindstorms.

Second quick pinless attachment

Another example for a quick pinless attachment build with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robots.

EV3 Pinless Attachment Example program for episode 64

The first example program in the episode.

EV3 Second example program for a robot with a pinless attachment

The second example program for episode 64