Why start with the phone set up in the Perfect STEM Course Pro Preview

Yes, we know. Starting with the phone when you have a toy car and a Raspberry Pi might seem strange, but this is why we do it.

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  • 01 Feb 2018

How are we going to arrive at a working car?

Here is a very short summary of the steps and explanations for you to be prepared:

  1. Download an application on the phone that could communicate with the device. This application is developed by us.
  2. Start the application and see that nothing happens, because there is nothing to communicate with.
  3. Power the Raspberry PI and see that even though we have powered it we cannot communicate with it.
  4. Prepare the SD card with the operating system for the Raspberry Pi. 
  5. Plug the SD card in the Raspberry Pi and a diode will blink.
  6. Connect with the Phone to the Raspberry Pi.

This is the short summary. First, we start with setting up the phone and we continue from there.