FTC Push Bot Chassis from Tetrix

This is the chassis for the popular FTC Push Bot. The robot is built with the Tetrix set and uses two motors. When preparing for a FIRST Technical Challenge competition (FTC) it is very useful to have a chassis from which you could start working. It might not, and will surely not be the final robot, but a good base is always useful. 

With this chassis, we've also made a short course of how to control it. Take a look at FIRST Technical Challenge. Basic GamePads, control and attachments for the Tetrix set.

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  • 02 Jan 2018

To construct this you will need

  • Tetrix

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Introduction to Tetrix GamePad control programming

We start with FIRST Technical Challenge and how you develop programs with the GamePads. It is up to you to decide how sticks, buttons and triggers from the GamePad will control the different motors of the robot and there are different decisions that you should make. 

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