The FCC in USA is about to vote to get rid of the net neutrality, letting ISP's censor and throttle websites, and charge extra fees. This would allow ISP's to throttle this site, when they don't like the idea of every student learning about robotics, technologies and generally how to think.

The FCC will end net neutrality on Dec 14th if we don't convince Congress to stop them. Join the Protest and Contact Congress to save net neutrality.

If you are not from USA you should also be alarmed. Similar policies are already in the process of implementation in the other 59 countries in which is used. We should fight for our Internet freedom regardless of where we are from.

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Learn how to organize classes with students in the field of Robotics & STEM.

Working with students in the field of robotics is hard, but rewarding. Information and options are more than overwhelming. And you don`t have to do it alone.

We provide business owners, public/private schools and NGO organizations with everything they need to professionally organize classes with students in the field of robotics.

Online Training and Certification

We train, certify and support mentors that take classes with students. They don't need to be experts in robotics. All technical challenges are handled by us.

On-site Training and Certification

If your school wants to introduce robotics to students, but you don’t know where to start, we will come to your country and your town and we’ll train and certify your teachers on-site. They don't need to be experts in robotics. All technical challenges are handled by us.

Organize an Academy

After you have prepared your or your teachers for conducting classes with students you can build your own Academy with classes in the field of Robotics. We provide the needed curriculum, materials, infrastructure and brand.

Issue student certificates fast & easy. Build credibility.

No need to spend days to prepare paper certificates for your students, teams and participants for them to just put them aside and forget about them. Easily issue hundreds of unique, timeless, electronic certificates in a few minutes. Share all over the Internet.


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