Issue Electronic Certificates With Retiffy

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Save days when issuing certificates

Preparing and printing certificates for your students for successful completion of a course takes time, costs money and is very error prone. Retiffy let's you issue certificates in a matter of minutes. Just upload the spreadsheet of the participants and select a template.

Build credibility

Each certificate has a unique number and URL. It could be shared online or downloaded as PDF and printed. Build and maintain an online repository with certificates issued by you.

Allow verification

People could go to your site and verify a certificate was issued by you. 

How to start in 3 easy steps

  1. Send us a template of your certificates to team[at] fllcasts [dot] com or mail us to build one for your
  2. Subscribe to Retiffy
  3. Start issuing certificates

What is Retiffy

Retiffy is another platform that we are developing to help us build academies and work with students. Find more about the system for issuing certificates are

Presentation and details are available at Retiffy presentation

Picture of Robopartans certificate from Retiffy

You must first create an account or login at


With Retiffy you:

  1. Select a template (could be yours)
  2. Upload spreadsheet/csv
  3. Promote to users

Your students/clients:

  1. Receive and email with the certificate
  2. Share on the Internet or print
  3. Promote

Everybody else could:

  1. Check certificates
  2. Learn about your organization