On-site Training and Certification

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If your school wants to introduce robotics to students, but you don’t know where to start, we will come to your country and your town and we’ll train and certify your teachers on-site. They don't need to be experts in robotics. All technical challenges are handled by us.

The course Mindstorms EV3 Robotics On-site Training is 3 full days + 2 months with weekly online meetings.

Learn and get certified

You will learn how to conduct classes with students with EV3 Mindstorms Robots, to follow the Robopartans Methodology and to prepare teams for competitions. Furthermore, you will get certified at the end of the two months.


The seminar consists of introduction in using robots as a tool for education in the field of technical science. It continues with constructing and programming of robots and introduction to the tools, processes, methodology and program used at Robopartans (the team behind the FLLCasts platform) for teaching students.

Program and equipment

Robot build in Robopartans Classes

For the first three days we construct, program robots and concentrate on the methodology of teaching and organization of the classes. During the two months training the participants would solve different tasks for three hours a week.

Here you can find the complete schedule of the course.


Certificate issued to a teacher

Our on-site course ends with a test. When you solve the tasks successfully, you will receive a certificate for Robopatans Certified Instructor. This certificate would recognize your technical and social abilities to work with students, classes with students and teams. The test will be conducted online and will last between 2 and 4 hours.

Every certificate is with unique number and it can be accessed and shared automatically in all social networks and internet.

Who can participate?

We need a bigger reason to travel around the world for you. Not that we don't want to, but it's expensive. That is why this course is suitable for a larger group of people, who want to learn more about Robotics, Mindstorms EV3, programming, STEM and how to work with children.

So if you are not affiliated with a school, but you still want to join the On-site Training and Certification and become a teacher or mentor a FLL team, just gather as many volunteers as you can and contact us. If you can't find enough people to join this course with you, then you can take the Mindstorms EV3 Robotics Online Training.

Knowledge in a technical subject is considered an advantage, but good teachers with little technical knowledge have proven to be successful in the classes.


Robot build in Robopartans Classes

Kiril Mitov

Developer of a proposed European Curriculum for System Programmers. FIRST LEGO League former Mentor and Judge. Mentor of last years Google Code-In winners.

Robot build in Robopartans Classes

Ivan Bozhilov

Manager Robopartans Sofia Academy. Roboparans Curriculum Developer. FLL Mentor and Judge.

Robot build in Robopartans Classes

Alexandar Pavlov

Manager Robopartans Academies and Instructor Training. Robopartans Curriculum Developer. FLL Mentor and Judge.


The price of the course depends on the number of participants and the distance.


By contacting us at team [at] fllcasts [dot] com


By appointment


Your school/Your town




3 days full + 2 months (3-4 hours each week for solving tasks)


Depends on the number of the participants and the distance


30% discount for an FLLCasts Yearly Subscription (Personal or School)

Our teachers have collectively done:

  • 6916 robotics classes with students;
  • 988 robotics groups;
  • 4521 student robotics certifications;