Blinking diode for PIN 13 example program

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  • 15 Nov 2016

Arduino Basic Course. Blinking diode working as a result of the module

Why: It's an easy and fun example to introduce you to Arduino

How: Presenting questions and trying answer this questions. Experimenting with different tasks.

What: We would like to show you how to control a diode. We would build a device and write programs for this device.

End Result: A blinking diode

Arduino Basic Course. Constructing your first blinking diode device

You have the controller, you have the diode. The controller has a number of pins (holes). Where should you put the diode so that it starts blinking? 

The small holes on the controller are called pins. On our controller we have 32 pins. The more pins that you have, the more elements you can controller with this microcontroller. For this video the interesting pins and 13 and GND

Arduino Basic Course. Write your first Arduino program. Use example programs

For making the diode blink we just use one of the examples available in the Arduino Software. 

Arduino Basic Course. Blinking diode implementation and demonstration

As a result from the previous two videos we have a diode that is blinking. What will now happen with the diode if we remove the power and change the position of the legs.

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