Radarford Program

A program, that uses the Radarfrod robot to detect the speed of a moving vehicle. It has the following MyBlocks:

  • WaitForTheArm: It's basically a wait block, that waits for the Up variable in the CheckMySpeed program to become false.
  • DetectSpeed: Detects the speed of a moving object and displays it on the screen. This continues, until the Up variable in CheckMySpeed program to become true. This MyBlock also rings a siren if the speed of the object is more than the set one. The speed we use is in centimeters per second.
  • LiftArm: Lifts Radarfords arm for the set amount of seconds.


NOTE: The program contains my blocks, that will appear broken if you use any version before 1.3.0 of the EV3 Mindstorms Software

  • #e3vg9p
  • 05 Mar 2019