SP037. 2019-03-31

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[Curriculum-1.0] Fix Penguin Robot - 373. The legs are not completed

The missing components ware added and the instructions updated.

Check it out at


Image of the penguin at 373 The missing components ware added and the instructions updated.

[Curriculum-1.0] Lesson 3 from 3.0 Aftermath

The wording was changed in places. More therms ware included. New tutorial covering the math block was added.

[Curriculum 1.0] 3.0 lesson 4 aftermath

The teachers' notes now include a reminder that the time for solving the tasks must be monitored. 2 challenge sections were merged. A new NRC was included, to clarify the rate/angle difference.

[Curriculum-1.0] Fix the issue with the safe.

The issue with the robot was resolved and the instructions updated. The issue was in step 103: https://fllcasts.com/materials/434-safe-build-from-lego-ev3?s=103 The fix is implemented on step 98: https://fllcasts.com/materials/434-safe-build-from-lego-ev3?s=98

[Curriculum-1.0] Fix instruction 442 around step 57

The issue was removed and the instructions updated. From step 51 the steps are rearranged. Picture of the robot

[Curriculum 1.0] Create 3.0 Lesson 5

Lesson 5 includes free building and practice of conditional loops. The story line of Course 3.0 Security Systems continues with improvement of the seismic sensor radar system from lesson 4.

[Curriculum 1.0] How to build robots in pairs and how to build ultra fast - tutorials

Two tutorials were created.

How to build a robot when working in pairs was added in lesson 1 in level 1 - A1 introduction.

And How to build a robot when working in pairs: High efficiency method was added in lesson 1 in A2 Space exploration where the robots are on the longer side of the time frame.

Those tutorials can be reused anywhere where students are introduced to working in pairs, face bigger robots, like competition robots, and even in team-building situations.

The tutorials are yet to be translated in English.

[Curriculum 1.0] Level 2.0, class 5, error in building instructions - material 327

The robot was fixed and the instructions were updated. https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/372-anty-lego-mindstorms-robot-that-behaves-like-an-ant#is-js-viewer

[Curriculum 1.0] D1 Lesson 5

Thumbnail for lesson 5 level D1 Created the fifth lesson in level D1. The topic of the lesson is making a T-Rex that chases a car robot to learn about Motor rotation sensor. The students have variant tasks for making the T-Rex detect the car with the Motor rotation sensor and some more ways to use it. For now it is still mostly in bulgarian, but it will be translated. link to the lesson

[Curriculum-1.0, IRT] Split and reuse two big tutorials in smaller chunks

Tutorial The Switch block used as a switch statement was split into three: 1 The Switch block used as a switch statement 2 The Default Case of a Switch block used as a switch statement 3 Switch block used as a switch statement in Tabbed View and replaced the original in the EV3 teachers training course

Tutorial Using threads and wires in LEGO EV3 Software was split into three: 1 What is Multi-threading 2 The Start Block in the EV3 programming software 3 Wires for multi-threaded EV3 programs and replaced the original in the EV3 teachers training course

[Curriculum-1.0] Create lesson 6 in level 3.0

Lesson 6 in course Level 3.0 is created. It covers passwords and pinCodes in EV3 and uses the well known Safe Robot. Students must create working password, should try to break another person's password and then create a scamming, keylogger program for password stealing.

The lesson is yet to be translated in Bulgarian.

[Curriculum 1.0] Develop plan for second term academies content

Created a plan for "It will happen soon with the levels. We have about 3 months to create new levels for the students and find out what are we doing to do with the students next."

Crane and a truck We completed level C2 Cooperation that trains the students to communicate on their roles in the challenges with the robots.

A pucture of robo fish We are working on levels D1 Robotic Animals and D2 Maritime sailing. In those levels we teach students motor rotation sensor and gyro sensor.

Vault door We are working on level 3.0 Security Systems. In that level we teach yellow sensor blocks, data wires and introduction to basic algorithms.

[Curriculum-1.0] All the courses from rbp with all the materials & challenges available at casts

All the courses are now available from the curriculum page at teach at school


[Curriculum-1.0] Publish ATM robot

Robot published at https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/737-geldautomaat-a-lego-mindstorms-ev3-atm-robot

ATM Robot

[Curriculum-1.0] Change the picture for level 3.0

The whole course 3.0 Security systems now has thumbnails for the lessons.

Main thumbnail - the Watchtower:

The Watchtower security robot

[Curriculum-1.0] Idea about lesson 7 in level 3.0

The main programs are created. Could be extended with a combination of pinCode and color code. For the time being, seems to be too much for a single lesson. It will be material for additional tasks.

[Curriculum-1.0] Create an ATM robot

A new robot was added https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/737-geldautomaat-a-lego-mindstorms-ev3-atm-robot

[Curriculum-1.0] Create 3.0 lesson 7

The last lesson of the level reiterates the sixth lesson with a new sensor. The programs, images and tasks for the lesson were created and are ready for classes.

[VEX-Competition-2.0, R2] Create field for developing a driver skills with Advanced Truckie. - Class R2 - with manipulators

The material is at https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/730-vex-field-for-training-advanced-driver-skills

[Learn-at-home-2.0] Build a Goalkeeper robot


[Learn-at-home-2.0] Decide on the first 10 work in home robots and programs for them.

The robots for A robot a day, keeps the questions awake. Version 2.0 are already decided

These are available at:


A robot a day Course Book

[Learn-at-home-2.0] Publish Goalkeeper robot

Robot published at https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/726-fint-a-lego-mindstorms-ev3-goalkeeper-robot


[Learn-at-home-2.0] Create a new tag for tutorials containing trivia

Created a new tag called Popular science. The tag is for tutorials on various topics, not directly related to the field of robotics. Most of the tutorials contain fun facts from different science fields, that are used to engage students and introduce them to new topics.

[FLL-7.0] Draw and upload Attachments for Run 1 from NightBeast robot for IntoOrbit Competition

Material : https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/729-nightbeast-fll-attachment-run-1 Card for picture : https://trello.com/c/pUvZhLwJ/792-fll-70-thumbnail-make-thumbnails-for-the-attachments-of-nightbeast-team

[FLL-7.0] Draw and upload Attachments for Run 2 from NightBeast robot for IntoOrbit Competition

Material : https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/731-nightbeast-fll-attachment-run-2 Card for picture : https://trello.com/c/pUvZhLwJ/792-fll-70-thumbnail-make-thumbnails-for-the-attachments-of-nightbeast-team

[FLL-7.0] Draw and upload Attachments for Run 3 from NightBeast robot for IntoOrbit Competition

Material : https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/732-nightbeast-fll-attachment-run-3 Card for picture : https://trello.com/c/pUvZhLwJ/792-fll-70-thumbnail-make-thumbnails-for-the-attachments-of-nightbeast-team

[FLL-7.0] Draw and upload Attachments for Run 4 from NightBeast robot for IntoOrbit Competition

Material : https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/733-nightbeast-fll-attachment-run-4 Card for picture : https://trello.com/c/pUvZhLwJ/792-fll-70-thumbnail-make-thumbnails-for-the-attachments-of-nightbeast-team

[FLL-7.0] Draw and upload Attachments for Run 5 from NightBeast robot for IntoOrbit Competition

Material : https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/738-nightbeast-fll-attachment-run-5 Card for picture : https://trello.com/c/pUvZhLwJ/792-fll-70-thumbnail-make-thumbnails-for-the-attachments-of-nightbeast-team


[Groups 1.0] Personalize the message a teacher sends to the user when adding him to the group

This was implemented previously and is ready now. Students receive a message

[Groups 1.0, Organizations, Bug] When and organization is deleted the groups of the organization are not deleted

Deleting an organization now also deletes its groups.

[Groups 1.0] Rename Add new material button to "Assign content to group users"

The card was already completed by Mihail without him knowing. Moving it straight to Done.

[Groups 1.0] Assign content help

Added a brief informational block about assigning content to groups in the "Assigned Content" section of a group's form.

[Groups 1.0] Allow for different sorting of groups - by name and by created at.

You can now sort the groups by name, organization name, number of people in it or the groups end date.

[Groups 1.0] Search/Filter groups

You can now search by the groups name, organization name or the groups end date.

[Groups-1.0, Bug] I go to create a Groups and Create and organization and after the organization is created we are not returned back to the group. This happens when the Language is changed on the Redirect Page - no card

When you go to 1. www.fllcasts.com/groups 2. create an organization (because you don't have an organization) 3. create organization 4. redirected to www.fllcasts.com/groups 5. The form for creating groups is open.

[Groups-1.0, Bug] Group view contains duplicated groups

Users will no longer see any of the groups they have access to more than once in the groups table on the index page.

[Groups-1.0, Bug] Organization groups list contains user's groups

Organization groups list no longer contains the groups which the user has access to but are not in the specified organization.

[Content-Creation-2.0] Show below each tutorial where it is refereed (in which courses)

Below each tutorial we could see all the lessons in which it is referred and where it is referred exactly in the lesson. There are still things to be improve, but we would work on them later

[Content Creation 2.0] Allow picture uploads by authors

All users can now upload images from the rich text editor. The old button for uploading images to the editor is now deprecated.

In order to upload a image to a content, you need to go to that content's edit page, upload the image as a content picture, wait a couple of minutes for the image to get processed and then add the image to the text from the new button.

[Content-Creation-2.0] Allow start attribute in CK editor

The start attribute is now not sanitised and can be used with the ol in order for the list to start from a different number than 1.

[Content-Creation-2.0] Allow target attribute in CK editor

The target attribute is added in the config and can be used.

[Content-Creation-2.0,VEX-Competition-2.0] Images with the content-img tag should expand, when clicked on.

Every image that has the class img-content when clicked is enlarged in a modal window.

[Content-Creation-2.0] The source tag is stripped from CKeditor.

The source tags are now not sanitised and can be used in the descriptions of the contents.

[IS] Have a dynamic autoplay that always takes about 15 seconds

When instructions are played that always take about 15 seconds. If the robot is larger than more steps are skipped. The whole robot is divided on 23 steps if it is large but no less than 4 steps when skipping.

You can arrive at a specific step of the IS using "s=XXX" as a param in the url.

This is an officially supported API and could be used in lessons, materials, tutorials and everywhere.


[Learn-at-Home-2.0] How to show course sections as tutorials

For now we stop at the following solution. Each tutorial is shown as a tutorial and a preview of the lessons in which the tutorial is used is shown below the tutorial.

This gives information about the lesson and the tutorial could be used as an intro and add for the lesson

[MGE-1.0] MGE Login in

You are now able to enrol in a MGE opened group no matter if you are a new user, old user, logged in or not.


[M2 to Casts] Retiffy - new template for students credentials

This is a duplicate of an old card for student credentials template that was completed in https://trello.com/c/VP4KldNv/1237-sp27-cards-administration-new-user-credential-templates-for-m2-and-fllcasts with

http://app.retiffy.com/templates/169 http://app.retiffy.com/templates/171

[Curriculum 1.0, Thumbnail] Image for tag 204 Algorithms



[Curriculum 1.0, Pictures] Create picture for introduction for D1 lesson 6



[Curriculum 1.0, Pictures] Add pictures to Play Type tutorial






[Curriculum-1.0, Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for the ATM robot



[Curriculum-1.0, Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for material 728



[VEX-Competition-2.0, R2, Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for material https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/730-vex-field-for-training-advanced-driver-skills



[VEX-Competition-2.0, R2, picture] Create picture of root for material https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/730-vex-field-for-training-advanced-driver-skills

The picture is uploaded here: https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/730-vex-field-for-training-advanced-driver-skills/edit

ctcp: 2165



[IC-2.0] Release statement for IC 2.0.pre1 - preprocessing

Created a tutorial for uploading 3D instructions and shared it with all content creators. Added Readme to the repo, describing the structure of the preprocessing_config.json

[VEX-Competition-2.0, IC-2.0] Export the fields in a reduced size and allow for generating their pictures

We have a lighter field, which made the instructions faster.