SP039. 2019-04-30

TL;DR; Summary by Kiril

On the content front we have two new box robots that need some work, two new lessons for the curriculum for courses D2 and 3.5, we are ready to release FLL Into Orbit review in the next sprint. We've also released the Summer Camps page

On the platform front we've made a separation between user profile data and user group registration data. When users enrolls into a group, this enrollment data is managed by the group coordinator. If a user decides to delete his phone number from his profile, the phone number used in the group will still be visible in the group. This group enrollment data is managed by the group coordinator. [Groups-1.0] Make a separation between GroupUser information and User information

Group registrations also can not be permanently deleted so if a coordinator or teacher makes a mistake we can restore the information.[Groups-1.0] Make user data be soft deleted when user gets soft deleted

When enrolling manually in the group we generate a nice user name for the user based on his or here name. [MGE-1.0] Automatically generate the username

Table of contents


[Content] Publish WeDo Truck Robot

The WeDo truck robot is published.


WeDo Truck

[Curriculum 1.0] Level D2 Lesson 2

Thumbnail for lesson 2 level D2

Created the second lesson in level D2. The topic of the lesson is making a Sail Ship robot to learn about Gyro sensor. The students have tasks to make the ship move in a square and triangle using the gyro sensor for better accuracy. For now it is still mostly in bulgarian, but it will be translated.

link to the lesson

[Curriculum-1.0] Develop 3.5 lesson 2

The second lesson of level 3.5 Measurement tools is ready.

It tells the story of a fuel tank sensor implemented with EV3. Lesson thumbnail

[Curriculum-1.0] Simpler version of the laboratory robot

Link to the Laboratory robot: https://fllcasts.com/bg/materials/748-laboratory-a-lego-mindstorms-ev3-experiment-robot

Link to the Laboratory 2.0 robot: https://fllcasts.com/bg/materials/752-laboratory-2

The Laboratory 2.0 robot was created from 100 steps, cutting 42 steps from the first Laboratory robot. The motor was replaced with a gyro sensor. The gyro sensor itself was not used in the 3.5 lessons 2, however, it does provide a new approach to measuring the balloon. Without the motor, the weight was mounter on the free rotating axis, removing the need for additional weights. Additionally, this version provides higher accuracy, and while there are spikes in the measured distance of the US sensor, they are significantly less. This version of the robot was created to be less time consuming to build.

[Curriculum-1.0] 3.5 lesson 1 Aftermath

Improved wording on challenges of lesson 1.

Added a reference to older lesson, because we revisit the concept of measuring time with timers and some students may need a refresher.

[Curriculum-1.0] Measuring curves robot for 3.5

A new robot was added!


Image of rollbar

[FLL-7.0] Making attachment for SUV robot for mision 07 from Into Orbit competition.

The material is at https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/760-fll-2018-attachment-to-accomplish-the-into-orbit-space-walk-emergency-07-robot-game-mission

Image of into orbit missing 07 image

[FLL-7.0] Implement FLL Into Orbit Review Course Structure Structure

We decided to show the runs of the Nightbeast team. They combine different missions, but we'll not look at every mission separately. After the Nightbeast's runs there are a few additional approaches of some missions, solved by the FLLCasts team. At the end of the course we have section with Tips and Tricks that we tell about some good practices.

[FLL-7.0] Prepare each attachment to be recorded with each mission

We have the attachments, we have a program for each of the attachments. There is a course in which we have attachments, spacers and programs separated on runs.

[FLL-7.0] Publish box robots from the Brazilian team

The two new robots are available at the links below. We still need to prepare building instructions for them, but this is for the next sprint.

Carnival - LEGO Mindstorms EV3 competition Box Robot https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/755-carnival-lego-mindstorms-ev3-competition-box-robot

Image of Carnival Box Robot

Brazilian Son - LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot following the Box Robot Principle. https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/756-brazilian-son-lego-mindstorms-ev3-robot-following-the-box-robot-principle

Image of Brazilina Son box robot

[IRT 2.0] Move the Robopartans Methodology of teaching in robotics classes from pdf to multiple tutorials

The methodology PDF is moved into 15 tutorials that can be edited if needed and reused throughout the platform.

The result is in section 12 Methodology in our Remote Instructors Training course.

[IRT-2.0] Add section with Feedback forms after the training

13th course section Your feedback after the course end was added to the course Instructors Remote Training with tasks, all requiring text input.

[Learn-At-Home-2.1] Create a tutorial from an NRC

Created tutorial for learning about the kiwi bird. For now it is in bulgarian, but it will be translated soon.

link to tutorial: https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1221-kiwi-bird?ref=5367

[Learn-at-home-2.0] Develop lesson for useless machine robot

The first lesson about a the useless machine concept was created and published. Lesson link: https://www.fllcasts.com/course_sections/731

The robots name is Devi, and his goal in life is to be the last to press the red button.


[Learn-at-home-2.1] Publish the Sebastian robot 746

Sebastian robot is published at https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/746-crabbery-a-crab-robot-built-with-lego-mindstorms-ev3

Sebastian LEGO Mindstorms  EV3 Robot

[Summer-camps-1.0] Try to develop a first preview of how would a summer camp through FLLCasts look like

First preview is available at https://www.fllcasts.com/robotics-summer-camps


[Content-Creation-2.0] Can drop a CourseSection into a page

It is currently possible to drop course sections into content with

Liquid error: undefined local variable or method `raw_image_url' for #

Later I will add an url to where we could see it

[Curriculum-1.0, Administration] Show the tasks completed and who completed them.

As admin you can visit https://www.fllcasts.com/task_completions and see all the completions. There is a support for per_page param to give you the number of completions you want per page

Completions are ordered in DESC by updated at.

[Groups-1.0] Should be possible to add user to group with both his email and his username

When going to search for a user, to add in a group you can search with username.

[Groups-1.0] Make a separation between GroupUser information and User information

When a user joins a group, a copy of his data is made and attached to the group. This solves the problem where a user could join a group, enter his mandatory information, but change it afterword from his profile, which lost the data.

When looking at a user's information on a group page, as of now, what you see is the information that is stored in the group.

[Groups-1.0] Group comments improvements on + sign and should not accept html

Changed the icon of the comment, and added a column name.

[Groups-1.0] Have a markdown for the student added group email text

Teachers could now add the message in a markdown format in the student added to group email. This allows for much simpler editing of the messages.

[Groups-1.0] When creating users in the group as a coordinator the user does not receive feedback for the success. Kalin has added multiple users before realizing that he has done it

Currently when an user is added to the group we have a good feedback that it is added. A message is shown directly to the user. It should be difficult for the instructor not to understand that the user was added.

Image of feedback

[Groups-1.0] More informative messages of the add user to groups page

Translated the Admin pane, subscription text, role in the groups. Added the texts to helps. Fixed the error when a user does not exists and a teacher wants to enroll him.

[Groups-1.0] Remove the "Courses" section from the group users page and add the grades below the assigned content

There is a section showing the grades only of the assigned courses.


[Groups-1.0] Show user name in the group users table

When viewing a group you see the username of the user in the group.

[Groups-1.0] Make user data be soft deleted when user gets soft deleted

The Data of the user and groupuser are now soft deletable. When you delete a user, groupuser or data you can create the same object after that.

[Groups-1.0] You as a group coordinator receive the pretty sheets with users, usernames and passwords per group.

When you invite a new user to the platform and set his password. The password is set to visible password and is seen in the group user.

Future: There can be an edit to that visible password. So the teacher can set it.

[Groups-1.0, Bug] Users can not create accounts with Facebook

Fixed a bug that prevented users from logging in and registering through a third party website (Facebook, Robopartans, etc.)

[Groups-1.0, Bug] Adding user while in another language is not refreshed properly

Fixed a bug where the js functionality on the groups#show page wouldn't work in other languages.

[MGE-1.0] Automatically generate the username of a user when the user is registered by the teacher or is registering on his own in a MGE. New users receive an username of the type [initials][YY][MM] aka "abc1812"

When you are a teacher and try to register a new user to a group. When writing his name the username is generated.

Знаем, че трябва първо да е полето за Име, после да е полето за потребителско име, но това е за 2.0


[Curriculum 1.0, Pictures] Create picture for lesson 1 level D2

Reworked the picture with @ivanbozhilov



[Curriculum-1.0, Pictures] Add image to highway tutorial 3.5 lesson 2



[Curriculum-1.0, Pictures] Add picture to NRC in 3.5 lesson 2



[Curriculum-1.0, Thumbnail] Thumbnail for the Laboratory robot 748



[Curriculum-1.0, Images] Create image for lesson 2 in 3.5

[Curriculum-1.0, Picture] Add picture to tutorial in the introduction of Lesson 7 Level D1



[Curriculum-1.0, Picture] Create picture for introduction of lesson 2 level D2



[Curriculum-1.0, Pictures] Add picture to intro NRC of 3.0 lesson 7



[Curriculum-1.0,Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for material 750



[Curriculum-1.0,Thumbnail] Create Thumbnail for material 723



[Learn-at-home-2.0, Thumbnail] Add a thumbnail to the stubborn robot - 742



[Learn-at-home-2.0, Pictures] Add picture to the intro of the lesson for Iqazator



[VEX-Competition-2.0, Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for VEX field 719, 720

Generated new pictures for:

https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/719 https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/719