SP046. 2019-08-15

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Backlog Priority

[Groups-1.0] Missing forms

Various issues surrounding the registration into a MGE group were fixed. One of them is that the required fields for a field weren't appearing when registering a user through MGE and users weren't able to complete their registrations.

[Subscriptions-1.1] Identify the cause of subscriptions problem occurred with Saasy and implement a regression preventing solution

Figured out why the subscriptions' code had been uploaded to the production environment even though it wasn't working. Improved the tests for it and wrote more of them.

[Subscriptions-1.1] No error message appears when the subscription is full but you try to add a new user to it via the subscriptions users index page

An error message is now displayed when there's not enough space in the subscription for users.


[Curriculum-1.0] Improve all lessons from level C2

Made all the Introductions, Construction and Theories and Programming and Theories in level C2 into Non-reusable contents to stay consistent in all levels. Added some interactive questions and pictures to the Introduction sections.

[Curriculum-1.0] Improve lesson 6 of level B1

Lesson 6 - Humanoid of level Spy Gadgets is now improved with more pictures, a storyline and teacher's note about solutions of tasks in the lesson.

The lesson works with chain threads that move around a humanoid torso robot. Students program medium motor and ultrasonic sensor to make the robot look around and greet.

New Spy

[Curriculum-1.0] Description for level 1.5 in both languages

The description of (level 1.5 Spy Games](https://www.fllcasts.com/courses/93-robotics-with-lego-level-15-spy-games) is updated in English and Bulgarian and certificate templates are also updated.

Spy Games

[Curriculum-1.0] Improve lesson 1 of level B2

Lesson 1 is improved in level B2 Military Technologies.

The lesson introduces the color sensor. Students build a cargo truck and use color code to command the truck.


[Curriculum-1.0] Improve lesson 3 of level B2

Lesson 3 is improved in level B2 Military Technologies.

The lesson introduces the gear systems. Students build a chain thread tank and change its gear ratio experimenting with speed and torque.


[Curriculum-1.0] Create tutorial how easy to switch gears with Iqazator robot

New video and tutorial were created to provide clarity to the "gear ratio change" tasks for the Iqazator robot. They were added to lesson 3 from course B2 and lesson 5 from course 1.5.

[Curriculum-1.0] Improve lesson 7 of level B1

Lesson 7 - Dragster of level Spy Gadgets is now improved with more pictures, a storyline and teacher's note about solutions of tasks in the lesson.

The lesson is fun relief at the end of the level. Students build smart autonomous cars and race with them.


[Curriculum-1.0] Improve lesson 6 of level B2

Lesson 6 is improved in level B2 Military Technologies.

The lesson introduces simple line-following algorithm. Students build a tank robot with humanitarian aid purpose.


[Curriculum-1.0] Improve lesson 4 of level B2

Lesson 4 is improved in level B2 Military Technologies.

The lesson works with black lines. Students build a robot that stops on a black line and on a third black line. Then a simple line following algorithm is used.


[Curriculum-1.0] Modify the construction in C2:L5, so that it is more sturdy in the back

Upgraded the robot from level C2 Lesson 5 to not break when pushed down.

[Curriculum-1.0] Improve lesson 5 of level B2

Lesson 5 is improved in level B2 Military Technologies.

The lesson works with a ball-shooting machine and ultrasonic sensors. Students build a robot that uses gears in 5 various ways. Programs to aim the robot must be written.


[Curriculum-1.0] Improve lesson 7 of level B2

Lesson 7 is improved in level B2 Military Technologies.

The lesson introduces the idea of serial manufacturing. Students build the same module of the robot a few times over so that they build very complex robot very quickly. The catapult is a fun relive robot for the end of the level.


[Curriculum-1.0] Create lesson 1 of level C1

Lesson 1 of level C1 Transportation is improved with a new story and engaging challenges.

The lesson introduces a robot-car with a steering mechanism and one drive motor. Students observe the challenges of the construction in the turns. In the end of the lesson, students know the difference and are able to park in parallel and perpendicularly.

Small Boomer

[VEX-IQ-2019-2020] Repairs on material 844

The material is repaired at https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/844-vex-competition-robot-for-the-2018-2019-challenge

The program is located at https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/rkv0xn-program-for-winner-vex-iq-competition-robot-for-the-2018-2019-challenge


[Content-Creation-2.0] Fix default content picture being set on old course sections when it shouldn't

Fixed a bug where the thumbnail for a course section was changed to the default one sometimes when the course section was updated.

[Content-Creation-2.0] Improve the way indent arrows are found by the JS on the course sections edit page

Refactor the content ref indentation JS in course sections edit page, so that it is easier to maintain.

[Content-Creation-2.0] Fix "hide" button not working

The shortcut for hiding content refs on the course section edit page wasn't working for nonreusable contents. It is now fixed.

[Content-Creation-2.0, Bug] Fix hiden content not appearing in blue in course sections

Fixed hiding and coloring of hiding and wrote specs that check if it works for every available content type.

[DigestsRevision-1.0] Introduce sending of conditional messages digest to segments of people

When sending conditional messages they could be send to specific segments of people https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1421-conditional-messages-syntax

The syntax is the following records.id_mod="X/A1;A2;..AN" where X is the number of segments we want the divide the people and AN is in which segment do we want the record to be.

[DigestsRevision-1.0] Implement Victoria Template

The Victoria template looks like this

Victoria digest Template

[DigestsRevision-1.0] Add preview for digest messages that would render them as real email

There are two options for preview with two buttons on the digest message show page

These are Html and Plain text previews

Render plain and in text

[Groups-1.0, Specs] Spec failing from time to time

Moved a spec that checked if the group gets recovered from the feature test to the model tests

[Infrastructure] Fix errors from mails

Started handling some errors related to page numbers not being a number sometimes.

[MGE-1.0] Validate parent email that it is an email

Added a validation on usersdata parentemail when it is not blank to be an email regex.

[Subscriptions-1.1] Migrate the relation between subscription and plan.

The subscriptions are no longer connected to the plans by the plans' names. The connection is now through a simple id. Also, the subscriptions now differentiate between the plan's sku and the plan's display name when the data is coming from FastSpring.

[Subscriptions-1.1] Auto confirming users with email and accounts is different in groups than it is in subscriptions and this is confusing the users. We should have the same logic on both places.

Made it so you can invite/create/add a user to a subscription the same way you can on the groups#supervise page to a group.

[Subscriptions-1.1] Access in subscription is based on email and not user name. User with email added to subscription can have access for all of his accounts

Made it so you can invite/create/add a user to a subscription the same way you can on the groups#supervise page to a group.

This also fixes a bug where two users with the same email wouldn't get added to the subscription from the subsriptions_users index page.

[Subscriptions-1.1] Subscription.cancellable?

The method cancellable? is migrated to be used for the new context store subscriptions.

[Subscriptions-1.1] Subscription.active?

Because of the new context store fastspring calculated if the subscription is 'active'. It send a true/false value which indicated if the subscription is active. With that the state of the subscription could be different things like 'canceled, trial'. So we implemented the state of the subscription to not have anything to do with if the subscription has access.

TLDR: Has Access: True/False Status: Active,Canceled,Trial, Deactivated

Subscription View


[Curriculum-1.0] Add picture to introduction in lesson 6 level B2


Tanks and planes

[Curriculum-1.0] Add picture to introduction in lesson 5 level B2



[Curriculum-1.0] Add and edit vecteezy picture to intro section of lesson 7 in course 1.5



[Curriculum-1.0] Add pictures to introductions in level C2







[Curriculum-1.0, Images] Add vecteezy picture to intro of lesson 3 from course B1


Shipping yard with containers

[Curriculum-1.0, Images] Create an image from ldr for lesson 3 of course B1


Small Boxes

[Curriculum-1.0, Images] Add image to the intro of lesson 7 from course B1


F1 Car

[Curriculum-1.0, Images] Add vecteezy image to intro section in lesson 1 from course B2



[Curriculum-1.0, Images] Add a picture from vecteezy to intro section of C1 lesson 1



[Curriculum-1.0, Images] Add an image from vecteezy to lesson 2 from C1


Car Drift

[Curriculum-1.0, Pictures] Replace Gif in ultrasonic tutorial


This tutorial has a video for how the ultrasonic sensor works. And an image on the sound waves.

Sound Waves

[Curriculum-1.0, Thumbnail] Create thumbnails for catapult parts


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3

[Curriculum-1.0, Thumbnail] Add thumbnail to the "drag car with two motors" robot.


Drag Car

[Curriculum-1.0, Thumbnail] Add thumbnail to new mak robot

New Mack truck is with better insructions, a thumbnail, taga and is published.


[Curriculum-1.0, Thumbnail] Add thumbnails to the 2 constructions in lesson 3 from C1





[Curriculum-1.0, thumbnail] Update the thumbnail of the inertia robot



[FLL-2019-2020, Thumbnail] Create a thumbnail for material 855



[FLL-2019-2020, Thumbnail] Create a thumbnail for material 857



[FLL-2019-2020, Thumbnail] Create a thumbnail for material 850



[FLL-2019-2020, Thumbnail] Create a thumbnail for material 846


Steel Construction

[Image] Add picture to lesson 4 from level D1



[Image] Add image to introduction in lesson 6 level C1



[Learn-at-home-2.0] Create a thumbnail for the programs of Ninja motorcycle ( 509rwo )



[Learn-at-home-2.0] Create a thumbnail for the programs of Shotgun motorcycle ( 3mb04p )



[Learn-at-home-2.0] Create a thumbnail for the programs of Handlebar motorcycle ( 71wb46 )



[Learn-at-home-2.0] Create a thumbnail for the programs of Rider motorcycle ( rb9g57 )



[VexCompetition-2.0, Thumbnail] Create a thumbnail for material 844


Vex Comp Robot