How to build a robot when working in pairs Pro Preview

Most probably you have not built a robot before. So not only you will build a robot for the first time, but also you will have to work with another student. In order to make those first steps as smooth and pleasant as possible, we will point out some key things in the process of constructing a robot in pairs.

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  • 14 Mar 2019

How to construct a robot in pairs

The robot should be constructed on the transparent lid of the box. The lid should be placed on your working desk, in front of the computer. That way the robot will be in a place convinient for both of you. Moreover, the lid will stop parts from falling on the floor or spreading over the whole desk.

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In order to be fair, you should take turns every few steps. One of you should construct and the other should pass him the necesary parts. It is best if you change your roles every 10 to 20 steps. Changing the roles every 5 steps will be too often, while changing them in the middle of the instructions will be too far in time and the one passing the parts will get bored.

Do not hurry. It is important to be carefull and precisely follow the buiding instructions in order to have a working robot in the end.

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