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In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to square on a wall. The process requires the robot to crash into the wall, or another solid object on the field, and to "stick" on it. If the robot was to an angle to the wall, the final result of that crush will be that the robot is now fully perpendicular to the wall. As we say in competitions - the robot has squared or aligned itself.

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  • 08 Jul 2019

How to square on a wall

You need an attachment in the shape of a wall so that your robot can square itself to a wall. You also need a move motor block set to seconds.
Move for seconds is required because that prevents motors from stalling. With rotations or degrees, the program will not continue to the next block if the motor can't execute the command. With seconds, the program will continue to the next block when the given time elapses.

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Using unlimited movement (aka ON) is also unacceptable because it requires sensor and that means that we must increase the of the robot and of the program.

Most of the times you need 100% power forward for about one second. The goal is to place the robot next to the wall, without spending too many seconds doing so.

Video Demonstration

Align to walls with Box Robot Two

Wall align with NXT

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