VEX EDR Intro. Task for implementing a Triangle and other geometric figures.

In this tutorial, we set the task of implementing another figure with the robot - a triangle. 

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  • 14 Apr 2017
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The RobotC program will be very similar. You must change only the second that you are waiting for the turn. You must make the robot turn "more" so it would have to wait "more".


How do you implement other figures other geometrical figures and the one that you can start with is a triangle. So, it is very similar to a square. You move forward and you turn and you repeat this three times. But what you have to do is move forward then turn but not to 90 degrees but for example to 120 degrees. And then continue move forward again turn and in this way you should try to implement a triangle. In the end return to the initial position. So, try it yourself and there are also other interesting tasks that we have written for you. So, try to solve them before moving forward with the module.

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