VEX IQ Crossover. Task. Competition for bringing more objects in 60 seconds Pro Preview

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  • 19 Jul 2017
  • 2:10


In this section of the course it's finally time to do a competition and the competition will be very simple. Just bring as many objects as you can from one place to another in 60 seconds. Let's discuss the details about this task. First, we do not expect you to have these Hexballs from the VEX IQ Crossover Competition but if you have them, great. Second, for this competition the goal is to have a starting position somewhere in the classroom where you have the different objects. Then you have an ending position where you should place these objects and there might be different objects like different balls or LEGO constructions or different VEX IQ constructions just something that you can grab with this attachment, move and place. And the goal of the competition is for 60 seconds move as many objects from the starting position to the ending position. Now, if you don't have enough objects let's say you have 5 the moment you move them with the robot from the starting to the ending position just take them with hand and return them back to the starting position so that you can have more objects that you could move. The robot should be autonomous. So, you should program it and for programming you can just do the following thing. Move forward, grab, turn to 180 degrees, move backward, place. And that's the most simple competition. A more advanced competition is to move, grab, then turn back then do some other turns, arrive at a different place at the classroom and then place the object. But start with a very simple just move, turn and place. Which robot would do as many objects as possible in 60 seconds?