Indication Diode on the Raspberry PI will automatically blink on turn on Pro Preview

On the Disk Image for the perfect course containing our modified Ubuntu Mate version, there are some special programs that will start a diode when you turn on the Raspberry Pi.

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  • 12 Feb 2018

Use a diode for indication

Raspberry PI does not have a display for showing if the software is properly loaded. We can connect to the HDMI output, but this means we would have to have HDMI monitors. So along with the cars and the controllers, we would also need monitors. We've decided to completely remove the need for an external monitor from the course. All the communication and configuration happens through the phone. But for the phone to work we must have Bluetooth working on the Raspberry Pi. To indicate this we use a Diode. 

Diode states

When the Raspberry PI ubuntu mate operating system is started the diode will blink. When you connect with Bluetooth the diode will blink. 

Adding a Diode to the Raspberry Pi

As a result of this section we will add a diode to the Raspberry Pi, but before that, we must start with something simpler. Like just attaching a battery to the diode to see it work. 

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