How to store the Remote control car sets in the classroom. Teacher's Note Pro Preview

Quick answer - don't. Students should bring the sets each time they are coming. This will be the perfect scenario.

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  • 01 Feb 2018

Where and how to store the sets?

Our recommendation is to ask the students bring the sets each time they are coming to the classes. In this way, they could continue working with them at home and solve additional tasks. 

But we also understand that this setup might not be possible for all of you. Especially if you are conducting the classes at school where students have other subjects to attend to and moving the sets around is just very inconvenient. Discuss this with the students:

  1. You could ask the students to bring the sets each time. This is inconvenient because they would have to carry them every time, but at the same time they could continue working with them at home
  2. You could store the sets in the classroom. You need some space and a way to organize the storage. A disadvantage is that this means they will not be able to work with the sets at home and continue learning even after the class.


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