Burn a single diode. Teacher's Note Pro Preview

Burning, destructing, disassembling could all be quite funny for the students. 

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  • 13 Feb 2018

Burn out a single diode

It is worth the experiment and time to burn one of the diodes and to show this to the students. It will cost you a couple of cents, this is true, but is worth it. Here is the procedure to burn a single diode.

Connect the diode to have one battery between the cable end, two have two, to have three, four, five. See pictures. In this process, the diode might burn. We say that it "might" because it depends on the diode. There are diodes that are capable of handling the voltage and will not burn.  

On the first picture, the diode still blinks. On the second picture, it is now difficult for the diode. In our case, as of recording, the diode we've used has burned out.


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