Mount and un-mount Raspberry SD Card with WIndows Operating System Pro Preview

Here is the process of mounting and unmounting the SD Card if you are using Windows Operating System

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  • 19 Feb 2018

Windows can not handle Raspberry Pi filesystem

The SD card has a filesystem called Ext4. For a large number of reasons, involving fights for technological power, a lot of money and different technological camps that we have in the world of technology the Windows operating system can not by default read the file system Ext4 that our current SD card is using. It's a pretty interesting story why. We should probably do another whole course on the history of technology, but for now, we just need to know that Windows does not support Ext4 and that's why we must use and additional software tool to fix this.

Additional software for reading Ext4 file system

There are a number of different additional software tools that we could use to read/write information from and to the SD card when using Windows. We are not connected with any of them and you can basically choose any of them. 

A nice article that we found on how to use them is located at

You can explore all of them, but let's use Paragon for this particular example

Paragon Drivers

Download and Install Paragon Drivers. It will require administrative privileges. 

After installing place the SD card in the computer and two new devices will be shown in Windows Explorer

Open rootfs, locate the /etc folder and the hostname file in this folder 

Edit the file hostname with notepad. Right Click, Select open, Search for Notepad and select notepad. The file will be open with notepad. 

Change the



Change this line to 


Where "MyNewName" is the new name for your Raspberry Pi.

After completing do not forget to unmount (eject) the SD card

If you don't the file will not be written and nothing will be changed.

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