Connect RC car batteries to the motor driver Pro Preview

For powering the motors we would use the batteries that are in the remote control car. Not the power bank, but the batteries. We should connect the batteries to the Motor Driver

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  • 23 Feb 2018


Connect battery GND to driver GND and battery VCC to driver VCC

Where are the GND (minus) and VCC (plus) on the driver?

Below is the driver with two of the Connectors are highlighted. The one on the left is the 12V+ (plus). The one on the right is the GND (minus). Check them out. 

Connect the GND cable from the batteries to GND connector on the Driver

I know, I know. We are starting to get a little technical. We would not even tell you that the official name for this connectors is "Terminal Block PCB connector", but we would just call them connectors. In the next few tutorials, we would even introduce you to the scheme of the driver and you will learn the "official names" and "designations" of this connectors. For now, let's connect the driver to the batteries and then we would discuss.

Counting from left to right on the picture. Batteries holder VCC(plus) from the Switch to the first Connector. GND (minus) cable from the batteries holder to the first connector.

You might have to bend the pins of the cables a little if necessary.

The red cable is the VCC (plus) and the brown cable is the GND (minus)

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