How to choose your third wheel

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  • 23 Jul 2018

Take a look at the constructions. Some of the wheels move left and right freely and this is necessary to increase the rates of maneuverability of the robot.

Castor wheels and non-turning wheels

What is special about the wheels which do not turn left and right and when do we use such third wheels? Wheels with low rates of maneuverability are used in robots which have to execute forward-backward movement. Robots with such wheels turn very hard. Still, if our robot has such a wheel and we what it to turn without changing the construction, we can just remove the tire from the rim. This will reduce friction and the robot will turn easier.


Horizontal and vertical attachment

It is important to notice that in some of the constructions the pins attach to the robot vertically while in others – horizontally.

You can use the various constructions for building robots in the future.

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