The competition explores art and students will imagine and innovate new ways to create and communicate art across the globe. There are again about 15 missions at the "Challenge" competition robot game that could be approached with SPIKE and EV3 robots.

How to prepare

The one thing we need is consistent and reliable behavior from the robots during the season. This is the goal of the FIRST LEGO League complete guide - to help you learn how to build consistent and reliable robots that can accomplish the missions. Check out the full guide and then you can return to the Building Instructions and the Tips and Tricks.


Building Instructions

Follow 3D building instructions to assemble the FIRST LEGO League mission models.

FLL 2023 Building instructions
FLL 2023 MASTERPIECE Music concert mission model picture

Tips and Tricks

Every year we release tips and tricks on how the missions could be approached. There are no solutions here. We make a review only after the season is over, which is at the end of July. But with the tips and tricks, you could explore how similar missions were accomplished in the past, look for inspiration and see what the engineers and mentors have to say about these missions. That is how engineering works.

FLL 2023 Tips and Tricks
FLL 2023 Masterpiece Mission Model Theater