В момента ресурсът е наличен само на английски

Perfect STEM course. Module 1 - Smart Car with Raspberry PI


Play (with the car)


Set up phones

Power and start the controller

Prepare SD Card with software

Add a diode to indicate controller power up

Phone to Controller Indication with Diode

Configure Raspberry Pi name

Opening the car. Naming internal components

Marking Motors and Lights components in the Car

Identifying the Plus and Minus of the Batteries Holder and the Switch

Disconnecting cables from the controller

Stripping car cables to prepare them for extending

Stripping set cables to prepare them for extending car cables

Extending cables with Heat-shrink tubing

Connecting Car Lights to Raspberry Pi controller

Connecting batteries to the Motor Driver

Connecting Motor driver to Controller

Position the controller on, in, over, or just next to the car.

Drive Rear motor from Phone

Debugging Motor - Motor Driver - Controller connection issues

Connecting front car motor to the Motor Driver

Drive both Rear and Front motor from the Phone

Finding a place for the Motor driver and Gluing it

Closing the car

Connect car with THE Internet

Connect to the car from computer

Execute Python program about car LEDs from the computer

Execute Python programs about button, from the computer

Execute Python program about car motors from the computer

Execute Python program about car distance sensor from the computer

Start a Python program from the Phone

Collect data from the Sensors

Park the car between two boxes

Training the AI

Make the car send you an email

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