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FIRST LEGO League 2021-2022 Cargo Connect solutions and review with LEGO Education SPIKE Prime


M01. Deliver a model - Innovation Project Model

M02. Deliver/Push - Unused Capacity

M04. Push with an attachment - Transportation Journey

M06. Accident Avoidance

M07. Unload Cargo Ship

M09. Train tracks - a two-part mission where only the first part uses sensors

M09. Train Tracks - 100% consistent behavior with more sensors

M10. Sorting Center

M11. Deliver and drop with a Passive attachment - Home Delivery

M12. Carry, Deliver and Drop - Large Delivery mission (basic)

M12. Carry, Deliver and Drop large objects - Large Delivery Advanced

M13. Push and Deliver interconnected models - Platooning Trucks

M14. Push to connect - The Bridge

M15. Large Cargo

M16. Cargo connect

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