Building Instructions -
  • Robot Base Chassis

Most robots, especially educational are buid with 2 driving wheels and one castor wheel. Cars are different. They have four wheels, two at the back and two at the front. And the car is turning with the two wheels at the front. This makes the construction much more challenging and interesting.  


Image for Бумър - ЛЕГО Mindstorms EV3 количка с два големи мотора, задвижващи задните гуми
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  • 14 Jan 2018
Image for Кланг - Лего EV3 Военно-транспортен камион
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  • 30 Mar 2018
Image for Кормилна уредба за ЛЕГО Mindstorms
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  • 01 Jun 2017
Image for Zat - a minimalist car frame from LEGO Education SPIKE Prime in 3D building instructions
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  • 12 Nov 2020