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Pull-Up Bar M06 FIRST LEGO League 2020-2021 RePLAY Challenge

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The robot passes completely under the bar any time. Separately, it is held off the mat by the bar at the end of the match.


  • If the robot passes completely through the pull-up bar’s upright frame at any time: 15 max
  • If the pull-up bar holds 100% of the robot up off the mat at the end of the match: 30


For the “held up” score, you cannot score this and M07 Robot Dance in the same match.

A “pass through” can score northward or southward, but only one way and only one time. A “pass through” scores at the time it happens. This is a rule R22 exception.

R22 cautions you that if the robot’s accomplishments are wrecked before the match ends, they will not score.

Mission requirements must be visible at the end of the match to count unless a method is required.

• Precisely as the match ends, everything needs to freeze in place for examination.
• Stop the robot, leave it as is, and then keep hands off everything as the referee scores the field with you.


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  • 31 Aug 2020

Fllcasts Tip:

This mission has two aspects: crossing under and being 100% supported in the air. The first aspect is a must to complete, because it is just manoeuvring you robot to cross under the bar.

If you are a starting team we would recommend completing M07. Robot Dance

The way to accomplish the pull up if to have a light robot and a sturdy set of gear wheels. In almost every scenario the motors alone would not be able to pull the robot. You would need to construct a system of gear wheels that is for torque. Make that system as secure as possible, skipping gear wheels will not help you!