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FLL 2020: How to accomplish the Basketball mission Pro Preview

In this video tutorial we accomplish the basketball mission from the FIRST LEGO League 2020 reply competition. We use the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime competition robot called Gazon. You will learn the principles of accomplishing a mission of two parts - put the ball in the basket and lift the basket.

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  • 29 Aug 2021
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The goal of the mission is to put the ball in the basket and to bring the basket up to the top of the poll. It truly is a remarkable mission and the challenge is great. We've build probably the most complex attachment. The attachment consists of the number of gear wheels that must transfer the power to the wheel at the top of the attachment and this will pull a rope. It is much like building a crane. The rope is built only with LEGO Education SPIKE Prime parts, but for a competition if you can use a different rope, that is a LEGO rope, then do it

An important part of how the mission is accomplished is that we put the ball in the basket because of the inertia of the robot. It just hits the mission model and the ball falls in the basket


In this video tutorial, we are accomplishing the FIRST LEGO League 2020 basketball competition, and we are using our LEGO Education, SPIKE Prime Robot. This here is the basketball mission model, where the goal is to bring the basket to the top of the ball and to have the ball, this yellow ball, inside the basket. There are a lot of ways in which you can accomplish this, and this makes the competition quite interesting as it's a complex mission. It involves you putting the ball in the basket and bringing the basket up.

For this mission, we will use one of the most complex attachments that we built for this competition. Let's see how we accomplish the mission. First, we must place the attachment on the robot, and it's a complex attachment, but placing it on the robot is not that complex. It's quite easy because we build this attachment to be almost pinless. It's complex. It has gear wheels, it has ropes, it has a lot of different parts, but when you place it on the robot, it's quite easy. Then at the back of the attachment, we build a mechanism with which you can just lock the attachment to the LEGO, the Education SPIKE Prime robot.

Let's prepare to accomplish the mission. We place the basketball on the attachment, the ball. The next step will be to check the mission model. Because it's a difficult mission, we check if the attachment and the parts are well fit together. For example, this rope that we've constructed specifically for this mission, it's from LEGO Education SPIKE Prime parts, and you must check that all the parts fit together. You reach the mission model. Somehow you follow a line, you align to the line. You reach. As you reach, you place the the ball and then you lift the basket. That's our idea for the basketball mission from this competition.

Starting the robot and now starting the program. First try, we couldn't put the ball in the basket, but we lifted the basket.

Let's do a second try on this mission.

Again, we position the robot, we've reached this place with a program. We successfully placed the ball in the basket and we continue forward. We continue with lifting the basket. This is how a successful accomplishment of the mission looks like. Let's look at it from another angle to get the full view of how the attachment works. And a view from the top. What you should look here is at the rope. Generally, if you have another rope, use another rope. This is a rope that we could construct only with parts that are available in the set.

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