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How to automatically detach an attachment from LEGO Mindstorms. Example with Robot Inventor Pro Preview

This video tutorial is about a detachable attachment. In various FIRST LEGO League competitions there are missions that could be accomplished with an attachment and when you accomplish the mission you must somehow leave the attachment along with the mission model. Probably as a support - most of the time it is as a support. But we've seen some pretty powerful concepts that include things like leaving a clock mechanism that will continue to work for 30 seconds accomplishing the mission.

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  • 09 Apr 2022
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Why detachable

Main reason is the sometimes it is useful to support a mission model after accomplishing the mission. We once saw a team that left a 'clock mechanism' on the field that in the course of 30 seconds was pushing on a mission model to achieve the maximum amount of points. In the same time the robot was doing other missions. All because the "clock mechanism" was detachable.

What to do with this tutorial

Build the mission, build the attachment, build the robot. All of them could be built from a single LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor 51515 set. This means it is easy to get them to work even if you have a single set. Then accomplish the mission - the programs are in the lesson. Then experiment. How could you build a different detachable attachment. Try to build one without the instructions.

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