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10 runs on forward align to a line with two Color Sensors from LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Pro Preview

This video tutorial demonstrates again the consistency of the program for aligning to a line. We run it ten time. We the robot is always coming from the left it is always arriving at the same position. When it is coming from the right it is always arriving at the same position.

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  • 20 Jul 2022
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In this video tutorial, we use the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime and we align with the robot and it's a ten runs tutorial in which we demonstrate the consistency of this program.

We just move forward, we reach the line and the robot aligns. Now let's try it from the left. Okay, success.

Let's also try it from the right again. The robot successfully moves slightly to the right and in this way it aligns to the line again. And you can see that it's quite consistent every time. We are basically at the same position. Now there is, of course, small differences here and there, but if we approach the line every time from the right, we arrive at the same place. If we approach it from the left, we arrived at the same place. And the program, as you remember from tutorial, the program is quite powerful because it's starting a few blocks in parallel. Download experiment with this program. See how consistent your robot is and see you in the next tutorial.

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