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Arduino Basic Course. Unpacking the set. Names of the elements Pro Preview

For the current specific example we need two parts - the diode and the controller. In this episode we would show you which part is the controller, which are the jumpers and finally we would choose a diode.

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  • 15 Nov 2016
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You don't need to know every part now. We would get to most of them in the course and discuss them. For now lets just focus on the controller and on the diode.


Below this video you can find a list of all the materials that you'll need for the whole course. We've discussed this even in previous videos. But for this specific example for the blinking diode we need only two parts. The controller and the diode.

In the set we have the Arduino controller. In this box right here.

We have also a number of diodes with different color. They are in this bag. And we have a red diode, a green and a yellow one.

We don't need all the other elements. The prep boards, the motor and the other. So, I'll just remove them and the jumpers. And we need only one of the diodes. And for this video I choose the red one.

Find these two elements in your set and prepare them for the next video.

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