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Arduino Basic Course. Write your first Arduino program. Use example programs Pro Preview

For making the diode blink we just use one of the examples available in the Arduino Software. 

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  • 15 Nov 2016
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Running one of the examples

The Arduino software comes with a number of example programs. This example programs could be open in the main window, modified and then uploaded to the controller.


After we've downloaded and installed the Arduino Software we start it and this is the main window currently as version 1.6.12. And what we should do to make the robot blink is just use one of the examples.

Working with the Arduino Software is very easy. And writing program is also very easy because you can even start with some of the very basic examples and they are developed for you. So, we just go to File>Examples. And in the Examples sections we see all different categories of examples and we need just a basic example. Basic>Blink. And that's it. That's the program for blinking diode. All we have to do now is upload this program to the controller.

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